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is a peasant story began among the centuries-old villages of Cilento, surrounded by hills adorned with olive trees and the blue sea. A story of generations that handed down the knowledges and the values of the noble art of agriculture. A story of over 60 years dedicated to the olive oil that continues with the same passion as always.

Today, Tortorella is a small, ambitious company, led by brave and young people, where Italian and organic is exclusively cultivated, an artisan laboratory that creates and experiments to bring authentic flavors and emotions to the table.

The oil of welcome flowers

We have decided to give our extra virgin olive oil a new graphic look to express in a single symbol the history of our territory and the values that guide our family.

In Altavilla Silentina, the main doors of the ancient village were decorated with floral shapes as a symbol of hospitality to welcome guests of the house or strangers arriving in the village.

The same themes are now at the center of our label, as a symbolic visual feature to communicate at a glance our roots, the magic of feeling at home immersed in a genuine conviviality, the harmony and roundness of the noblest fruit that our land continues to offer us: the olive.

Our land, our birthplace

Tortorella is our cradle before our home. Here we were born and raised, a corner of land nestled in the beautiful and unspoiled setting of the Calore Salernitano Valley, among the green hills of the Cilento National Park and few steps from the sea.

Tortorella is the door to our past, the past of our family with its values and its unconditional devotion to an hostile but unique land.

Tortorella is the door to our future, the one where with tenacity we continue to take care of our land. 40 hectares of mediterranean woods and cereal fields, over 4,000 olive trees, some of which are evocative for their age, and only one passion: Italian, organic and sustainable farming.

Bio, sustainable and 100% italian. Our oil

Between the hills of Cilento and its olive trees there is a millenary, indissoluble bond, made of cultivars, farmers and their love for the land.

Today, these olive trees are our most precious resource. We dedicate ourselves to them with great passion, adopting organic farming methods, to guarantee a healthy and genuine product, with the utmost respect for our customers and the environment. 

An entirely artisanal commitment, a maniacal attention to details and a strong passion for the truest Italian character of our traditions, make Tortorella oil an authentic expression of Campania's olive oil production.




A unique bouquet of extraordinary complexity and elegance, fresh, intensely herbaceous with charming notes of artichoke, cardoon and green almond.

A perfect harmony of bitter and spicy make it an extra virgin olive oil with a wide, strong and decisive character. Selected in prestigious guides such as Bibenda, Gambero Rosso, Flos Olei; winner of numerous awards including the 3 leaves Gambero Rosso and the 5 drops Bibenda.




A perfect aromatic balance of the cultivars Frantoio, Rotondella and Carpellese, with a clear olive fruitiness and hints of grass and ripe fruit.

Clean, it opens with a slight sweet sensation followed by a pleasant and harmonious spiciness of light intensity.

Selected in prestigious guides such as Bibenda, Gambero Rosso and ExtraBio Campania.

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